Create an entire NFT Collection for your city all at once.

About Touchstone

Touchstone allows you to create an entire NFT Collection all at once.

You gather all your images, names, descriptions, and any other traits you want for your NFTs.

Grow Your City

There is a huge list of utilities Emerald bot provides.

Launch Your Art

Of course, if your city is centered around your beautiful NFT Collection, this is the perfect way to create it!

Raise Funds

One thing a city on Flow always loves is an NFT Collection to raise funds for the founder (you) and share some awesome mints.

Reward Citizens

You can view a list of all the citizens (and their wallet addresses) who buy your NFTs. Simply head to the Admin Dashboard and click the "Download Buyers" button.

Gated Access

Set up a specific chat room in your city for users who mint your NFTs. You can verify who owns your NFTs and give them specific roles using Emerald bot below.

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Generation Guide

Example Collection

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