Emerald City

Emerald Academy

The best and most in-depth way to learn Flow & Cadence development.


Check out an entire catalog filled with educational content in the form of courses, bootcamps, roadmaps, blogs, and more.
Learn DApp development, Cadence, Javascript, Web development, and more.
From beginner -> intermediate -> advanced.

Cadence by Example

Taking after the popular Solidity by Example series, we made one for Cadence, the smart contract language used by the Flow blockchain.
Learn Cadence step-by-step through easy to understand examples.


Taking after Scaffold ETH, a popular educational platform to learn DApp developmemt on Ethereum, we made one for the Flow blockchain.
Learn how to build DApps on Flow by cloning pre-made projects and following along written tutorials.

Open Source

The entire platform is open source.
You can even add your own courses & blogs by following the instructions in the README file below.


On top of the courses and material themselves, the entire platform has built-in multi-language support.
Click the language option in the top right to toggle between languages.
Looking to add a new language? You can submit a PR to the GitHub Repo found above.