Add your Token to DEX

This page will walk you through how to get your Toucan token listed on Increment.Fi

You have created your token on Toucans and now want to get it listed on Increment Fi. There are 2 ways to make that happen:

Option #1: Ask Jacob in Emerald City Discord

Head to the Emerald City Discord and ping Jacob to add the token for you. This is a quick & easy option to get it listed.

Option #2: Do it Yourself

If you do this step, you will still need to ping Jacob in the Emerald City Discord to accept your PR at the end. But it will take work off of his plate, so he would greatly appreciate it! ;)

  1. Go to the token-registry folder and add a new folder

    1. To name the folder, you will have to know the contract address and contract name of your token. To do that, go to Contract Browser and in the top search bar, look up your project ID from Toucans. If you don't know what a project ID is, it's just the last part of the URL for your DAO's page (ex. for, it is ADUToken)

    2. Once you find the contract, you can find the contract name, which is also the same as your project ID (ex. ADUToken) and contract address (ex. 0xe452a2f5665728f5)

    3. Then name the folder A.{contract address without the 0x}.{contract name}. For example, A.e452a2f5665728f5.ADUToken

  2. Inside that folder, add your token logo as a logo.png file. Make sure the logo is relatively small in size (~10 KB)

  3. Inside the same folder, add a token.json file that looks like this.

    1. address: the contract address that you got above

    2. contractName: the contract name that you got above (same as your project ID)

    3. path: follow the same format you see in the example, except replace ADUToken with your project's ID in all 3 paths

    4. symbol: the token symbol you chose on Toucans when you created your token. Just make sure you do NOT include the $ symbol.

    5. name: the DAO name you chose on Toucans when you created your token.

    6. decimals: 8

    7. logoURI: use "", but replace A.e452a2f5665728f5.ADUToken with your folder name from above

    8. tags: "utility-token"

    9. extensions: {}

  4. Copy the contents of your token.json file and then go to the src/tokens/flow-mainnet.tokenlist.json file

    1. In that file, add your object at the bottom of the list

  5. Make a PR to the the original repo using your fork

  6. Ping Jacob in the Emerald City Discord to accept the PR

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