Emerald City
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Helpful Tools

A list of tools we have built to help citizens and developers alike.

Explore Flow Accounts

View user NFTs, tokens, storage paths, NFT json data, and more.

Setup Collections

Link allows you to set up all your NFT Collections and Fungible Tokens directly in the web browser.
Additionally, we provide Link as a way to make sure none of your NFT Collections or Tokens are dangerously exposed to hackers. A recent hack on Matrix Market was widely solved by users connecting to Link and patching their collections.

Token Airdrops & NFT Raffles

Batch airdrop fungible tokens and raffle away NFTs.
You can also set up requirements that citizens must meet in order to be eligible for an airdrop or raffle, including:
  • Owning a certain FLOAT
  • Being on a whitelist

Batch Send Fungible Tokens

Better Playground

A playground to run scripts & transactions on Flow Testnet and Mainnet.
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