Emerald City


Airdrop tokens and raffle away NFTs.

About Drizzle

Touchstone allows you to set up fungible token airdrops to a group of citizens. You can also set up requirements that citizens must meet in order to be eligible for an airdrop, including:
  • Owning a certain FLOAT​
  • Being on a whitelist
You can also raffle away NFTs to citizens who meet certain requirements as well.

Grow Your City

Here are a few ways to utilize Drizzle.

Distribute Rewards

Easily distribute fungible tokens to members of your community who have done something good. Or, just airdrop tokens to generate excitement!

Reward Citizens

You can reward citizens for attending events that granted them a FLOAT by setting up an airdrop or NFT raffle, only for members who have that FLOAT.

Create Fun Giveaways

Create an NFT raffle and give away some of your NFTs for fun! Or, if you have created a collection using Touchstone, your citizens will love to enter a raffle of your city's own collection :)

Example Airdrop